How To Help

How To Help


The support of over 80,000 visitors annually is what keeps the park going. Come spend the day with us!

Your admission to Fort Steele Heritage Town goes a long way in ensuring that Fort Steele continues! We've heard a lot of funny things throughout the years, and we want to assure you that we will always continue to strive to keep admission prices as low as possible to continue operating Fort Steele Heritage Town into the foreseeable future!

As a not for profit organisation, Fort Steele Board of Directors is a volunteer board of sevn unique and wonderful individuals that support and mentor the staff at Fort Steele, while striving towards the sustainibility and long time future of the site!

justification of our admissions always takes a toll on our front of line staff. We take an incredible amount of pride in the work that we do, with very little man power for the sheer over reaching size of Fort Steele! In order to keep Fort Steele running for many many years to come, our staff must go to painstaking lengths to preserve and protect this incredible historic site. With over 98 structures, millions of artefacts, and a miniscule staff of just 8 responsible for the maintenance, preservation and administration of the site, we certainly work hard to get as much done as we can! Of course, the site winds up during the spring, summer and fall and we hit around 100 staff each year to run the programming, the 8 core site staff work tirelessly to ensure it all rolls together without a hitch, it is actually pretty impressive! Fort Steele runs as lean as possible in the off season to get through to the busy season, as the winter months we turn off admission and go by donation. One of our own core staff once said "Horses eat grass, how expensive can they be?!" as it turns out, Horses take a whole lot more than just grass (not to mention the Veterinary expenditures!)


Become a Volunteer

Becoming a volunteer is easy - and fun! There is a wide variety of work to be done. You can work with visitors or behind the scenes. You can volunteer as often or as little as you like. For a full list of volunteer positions, or to become a volunteer today, call 250.417.6000 or email


Donations help us keep Fort Steele alive and vibrant!  Whether it’s support for one animal, a building, or a general donation, they all add up! Does your company like to support not for profit organizations? Sponsorships are welcome! Donations are tax receiptable and every little bit counts.  The Friends of Fort Steele made history in 2008 with the establishment of permanent endowment fund, in partnership with the Cranbrook &  District Community Foundation. Fundraising exceeded expectations and by year end the fund held $56,000 thanks to a matching funds grant awarded from the BC Arts Renaissance Fund. As this fund grows it will contribute significantly to the sustainability of operations as well as the lasting legacy of Fort Steele’s greatest assets, its historical buildings, by supporting on-going restoration and preservation work. If you would like to make a donation we can be contacted by phone at 250.417.6000 or in writing to 9851 Hwy 93/95, Fort Steele, BC, V0B 1N0.  Donations can also be made to the Cranbrook & District Community Foundation located in Cranbrook, BC.

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