Education Groups

Education Groups

2015 Program List:

Fee $200 per night, per group
Grades K+
70 beds available

Students will have an opportunity to “rough it” just like the Mounties did when they arrived in the East Kootenays in 1887. Sleep on wooden trestle beds with straw mattresses, cook on a wood stove, and perform typical kitchen and clean-up duties of yesteryear.

Fee $125 per program
Grades K (2 hrs), 16 students max
Grades 1+ (2 hrs), 30 students max

Gain appreciation for the pioneer domestic life by actively participating in such activities as washing clothes on a scrub board, baking in a wood stove, churning butter, and making ice cream!

Fee $100 per program
Grades K+ (1.5 hrs)
30 students max

There is definitely no texting allowed in this classroom! Students will learn 1890’s curriculum, write on wooden slates, and made to wear the dunce cap. Students will have never experienced a classroom quite like Miss Bailey’s! Don’t be late when you hear the school bell ring!

Fee $100 per program, Grades K-3, (1 hr)
Fee $150 per program, Grades 4+,  (2 hrs)
30 students max

Discover the history of the local Kootenay Gold Rush and the science of gold panning. Everyone will have the opportunity to pan through dirt from the famous Wildhorse Creek!  Guaranteed gold is available at an extra cost. Please inquire.

Fee $110 per program
Grades 6+ (1.5 hrs)
12 students max

Examine the tools and history of this significant trade from a historical view. This is a great hands-on program where the students will make bookmarks, bracelets, key chain or gold pouches.

Fee $125 per program
Grades 2+ (2 hrs)
12 students max

Enter the large shop of the local tinsmith and dive into this historical trade. Students will gain a greater understanding of the importance of tin and its influence in the 1890’s. They will also build their own tin whistle or tin icicle.

Fee $150 per program: Apprenticeship, Grades 6-12 (2 hrs)
Fee $100 per program: Demonstration only, Grades K+ (1.5 hrs)
12 students max

Professional blacksmiths engage students with interactive discussion of this essential period trade. Observe live demos or coal forge operation and the shaping of hot iron. Students in the Apprenticeship program get to make their own nail to take home.

Fee $200 per program
Grades 4+ (2 hrs)
30 students max

Take a tour of Fisherville, the actual Gold Rush town up Wildhorse Creek. Walk part of the Dewdney trail, eat an apple by Mr. Griffith’s original apple trees, take a look at the Chinese burial grounds, and view the immense effects of Hydraulic and placer mining. Picnic area is available by Wildhorse creek. (Note: Location is 6km from Fort Steele on dirt road, please inquire for driving information). 

Fee $100 per program
Grades K+ (1.5 hrs)
15 students max

Animals were a crucial part of the Victorian era. Students will get to brush Fort Steele`s famous Clydestale horses and learn the importance of animal care. They will then tour around the entire site to visit all the other animals and learn of their importance to Fort Steele`s past and present.

Fee $100 per program
Grades 2+ (1.5 hrs)
30 students max

Learn the history of why the North West Mounted Police were dispatched to Fort Steele. Through hands-on activities and marching drills students will experience what 1880’s Mountie life might have been like.

Fee $100 per program
Grades 4+ (1.5 hrs)
15 students max

Take a behind the scenes tour of Fort Steele and learn the huge job of a curator. Groups will go under shops to look at and handle stored artifacts. Then off to the Wasa Hotel to view the museum, followed by an activity to see if students are prepared for the hard task of being a curator.

Fee $100 per program: Grades 2-5 (1.5 hrs)  
Fee $125 per program: Grades 6 + (2 hrs)    
30 students max

Hear about the catastrophic effects on Fort Steele when the town was by-passed by the B.C. Southern Railway and the demanding work of a railway worker. Then the students will build a section of track using authentic railway tools, and finish the program with a pump-cart ride on the tracks.

Fee $150 per program
Grades K+ (2 hrs)
30 students max

Identify igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Hands on activities in this program include collecting rocks and making stone soup. Learn about the Estella, North Star and St. Eugene mines and their contribution to the history of mining in BC.

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