Wildhorse Theatre

Wildhorse Theatre

Live Theatre

Living History

Scheduled street theatre scenes throughout the day introduce a variety of historical characters and reveal a vivid picture of what Fort Steele was like in 1898. Guests are encouraged to interact with the performers for an immersive experience.

The Theatre shows will be up and running full time 7 days a week starting July 1st and runs to August 25, 2019

Playing at the Wildhorse Theatre this summer:

New this year a fun filled taste of Vaudeville show that is a combination of singing, dancing and comedy. An 1890's style variety show that brings together local townsfolk who aspire for their moment in the lime light as well as mythic figures from opera and the far easts of the orient! Check out the Family Friendly Burlesque spoof show about how hot it was to wear ALL those clothes that will entertain and delight the young and old alike! 

Two different shows are performed each day. Show times are at 11:00AM  & 1:30PM Mountain Standard time. 

Guests are encouraged to see both shows which contain completely different acts!

Tickets are $5 a show, but are also included in the Steele of a Deal Pass!


Daily Gossip Tours

11:30am & 2:00pm - Gather at the Front of the Wild Horse Theatre before it begins to enjoy the full experience!

During the Summer season! Mountain Standard Time!!!

Imagine if every community had this! A wildly popular tongue-in-cheek walking tour of the town introduces you to Fort Steele’s colourful residents, helps you peek behind doors, and shows you all their foibles. It’s true, the line between historical and hysterical is sometimes blurred but you can count on a member of the Fort Steele Ladies Auxiliary to give you the goods, and the dirt, with a little ‘creative license’ of course!

These Tours are 30-45 minute walking tours and are included with admission. They are offered daily in the spring and summer seasons.


Photo credit: Garry Brazzill