Wildhorse Theatre

Wildhorse Theatre

Live Theatre - All New Summer Production


                       "The Happy Medium"

This summer at the Wildhorse Theatre, the Mystical Madame Stroganoff and Company are rolling into town! Join us for a hilarious tale of determined detectives, punchy lots and a socialite with a score to settle. In the realm of otherworldly  entertainment, not everything is as it seems...              

                                        All Shows begin at 2pm

                Playing daily  June 19 - September 5, 2016

              Come for the fun and stay for the excitement!

                       FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!


From May 1 to August 31st:


Daily Gossip Tours - 11 am

Daily Livestock Tours - 1pm

Imagine if every community had this! A wildly popular tongue-in-cheek walking tour of the town introduces you to Fort Steele’s colourful residents, helps you peak behind doors, and shows you all their foibles. It’s true, the line between historical and hysterical is sometimes blurred but you can count on a member of the Fort Steele Ladies Auxiliary to give you the goods, and the dirt, with a little ‘creative license’ of course!

New this year, Livestock Tours. Maybe not so "tongue-in-cheek" as our Gossip Tour, (unless you're visiting our sheep!), but you are sure to enjoy visiting all our animals and learn the important role livestock played to the people of Fort Steele in the 1890's.

These Tours are 30-45 minute walking tours and are included with admission. They are offered daily in the spring and summer seasons.